About Me

Marci M. Rubin, ACC, AACC,  MBA, ADHD and Executive Skills Life Coach, Certified Teacher of Students with Disabilities,  Kundalini Yoga/Meditation Instructor

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Marci is the founder of Calm Waters, ADHD and Executive Skills Life Coaching.  She specializes in working with individuals who are ready to move forward in a new direction with their careers, life purpose, and goals. Her coaching style is a partnership that allows the client to find their own answers and clarity within themselves. She brings her life experiences and yoga practice to the coaching process to facilitate life changes.   

Prior to completing the ADDCA  Coaching Academy, and earning her ACC and AACC coaching certifications,  and starting Calm Waters ADHD and Executive Skills Life Coaching,  Marci received her Bachelor’s Degree from Arcadia University. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Education from Rider University. She is a teacher for students of disabilities, working in a transitional program with 18-21-year-old adults with developmental disabilities. 

Marci is a parent of a 25-year-old man diagnosed with PDD-NOS and ADHD. She understands and appreciates the challenges, and the successes people encounter every day when they live and/or work with people who have special needs.  

Her vision is to create a positive safe and productive space for people to grow, learn and realize the life they are meant to live! Through the coaching process, Marci supports and guides positive outcomes for people with and without ADHD. Coaching is not therapy or counseling, it is a beautiful partnership through which successful outcomes are created! 


Why wait another day to be the best version of you!  

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My Coaching Style

I am a teacher of students with special needs and ADHD as well as a parent of a special needs child.  Everyone is different and everyone deserves to be heard. The best part about coaching is that it provides a safe, secure space for people to speak and for someone to listen.    I coach with respect and understanding. Everyone has a story to tell, and every story is unique to that person. 

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client.   Together we create new perspectives, allowing for more opportunities and possibilities.   


Areas of Focus

Meaningful Collaborations

I’m committed to all of my clients by providing professional consulting services tailored to their needs. I believe in forming strong partnerships and am proud of my growing client portfolio.

Employment Skills

What are your career goals?

Together we can develop strategies to improve job skills and acquire tools needed to obtain, sustain and maintain employment opportunities that fit your skill level and interest.  
Understand your rights and how to ask for proper accommodations on the job if needed.

Social Skills

What are they and why do they matter?

Together we can access, develop and increase skills like:

  • Attitude (feel confident and secure) 

  • Communication Skills (listening and speaking) 

  • Teamwork  

  • Work ethic

  • Time management

  • Decision making

  • Problem-solving

Self-Determination and Interpersonal Skills

What does success mean for you?

With determination, commitment and motivation you can get what you want! Together we can develop the resources and tools you need to be more confident and an effective communicator at school, work and home.

Daily Living Skills

What are living skills and how do they impact daily life?

Together we can explore all or a few of the following areas of living skills.

  • Self-care 

  • Leisure activities 

  • Organization 

  • Financial Literacy

  • Skills for living Independently

  • Computer skills

  • Safety skills

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Professional Memberships

ICF, International Coaching Federation, ADHD Coaching Organization (ACO) |  Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) | Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)  |  Transitional Coordinator Network (TCN-NJ)  |  ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) Advanced Coach Training |