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Start your journey to a balanced life!


I Coach...

  • High School/College Students and Adults with ADHD. 

  • People who want to develop their Executive, Social,  interpersonal and self-determination skills.

  • People who are looking for professional and personal changes. 

  • People who are seeking joy, ease and balance in their lives.




Working with Marci as a Life Coach has helped me personally and professionally to achieve better balance in my life. She helped me examine my life by looking at my strengths and areas for improvement. Marci is accountable, trustworthy, flexible, and above all caring and I would recommend her to all those that want to break out of their patterns to find a more peaceful life.

Ellen S.

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When given, time, care, and intentionality, your full potential will emerge like the LOTUS FLOWER that blooms from the murky waters of a pond. We may have to recognize that the mud and dirt is a way for us to learn and grow into a well-balanced, authentic beautiful being! 

Join me as we dive into coaching and explore various opportunities that lead to your success.  

Marci M. Rubin,   ACC, ADDCA Associate Certified Coach (AACC), MBA, Certified Elementary Teacher and Teacher of Students with Disabilities, MA candidate for Students with Disabilities and Yoga/Meditation Instructor